The first education was done by her mother, who has a great character and Phlox, the dog who also lives there.
He has certainly influenced the pups in the best sense of the word.

Vita was raised with the clicker.
A clicker is a plastic box with a metal plate in there.
As you can guess, it makes a click sound.
This is a tool for the independently produced dog behavior, to provoke the boss of a reward
making the dog repeat its behavior more often for the same pay 

A Saarloos is not a stupid dog, unlike what has been told by some people
and they learn very quickly (even the bad things).
But they also get bored just as quickly,
making them do things twice and then have something like
"been there, done that" so come with something new or more difficult.

Vita has actually learned everything at home and sometimes she went along to the dog school
mainly there to get to know other dogs in a controlled manner.
Isn't it handy while you are teaching yourself, you can teach your own dog along.

This is done extremely well by the breeder as well as here at home.
Vita was the most reserved dog of the breed
but despite that, she does great
and would not have gotten where we are without all this.
So for that I thank the breeder of Vita

Some good books about this (in dutch):

  • Hondse hoogstandjes
  • Over groeistuipen en mijlpalen
  • Happy puppy? Happy dog

    Show Eindhoven, CAC CACIB, Friday 8 Februari 2008
    Result: very good
    Rank: 3

    Show Uden, CAC CACIB, Saturday 28 June 2008
    Result: very good
    Rank: 4

    Show Uden, CAC CACIB, Saturday 28 june 2008
    Couples, together with her brother Tsjono (Ajanga Tsjono Yumoja)
    Rank: 3


    Show Belgische Saarlooswolfhonden Vereniging, CAC, Sunday 7 September 2008
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