To get the most healthy pups, a breeder should make all the necessary efforts, for physical and mental health.
The pups will raise in the house and the elder dogs have been tested on diseases.

 You cannot avoid everything and sometimes nature can surprise you, but you have to take care of all
the things you can possibly manage. For example you can test on diseases and you can
take a look what the inbreeding is. Among the Saarlooswolfdogs inbreeding can be terribly high, up to 40 - 60%.

 Mental health.
The Saarlooswolfdog is a very reserved dog. This can have advantages but this may not end up in anxiety.
A dog which is anxious in its life can get chronically stressed. We all know what that can do to people and
it is not different for animals.

 A dog has to live in the community as well. Therefore, for breeding I appreciate to use two dogs which are
as free as possible so that the offspring is not living under constantly stress.

 With “free” is meant that a dog is not anxious and that it can be among people and in strange environments
without being stressed. The dog may act reserved, just as the dogs are in this kind of breed .

 Socialization is very important for this breed and therefore a must to me. As a behavior expert I can control
that and I will do most efforts to give the pups a good start.
Important is that the pups will be lead in this by their future owners.

 A lot of things are known about breeding and the internet provides a lot of information too.

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