Digna Jantarowa Wataha


Digna means dignity.

She is my little girl and has pointed out to me that you should always be able to view everything from different angles. To have faith that everything will come in time and that it is not always understandable for the outside world.
Digna is not the toughest, but certainly one of the most unique. She keeps her distance from unknown people, but is our cuddlebear and the great friend of Zefiros (our cat).

Digna is very attached to Lesley, of course she likes me and the daughter too, but he still has that little bit extra for her. And vice versa, this appears also to be the case.

A while before Vita's passing, she was changing her character and gaining a little more confidence in other people. Hopefully this trend continues.

We raised her in the past but did not provide any real training, we are now trying to pick this up.

We secretly hope that she can possibly be a follow-up for Vita, but if this is not the case, that is also good, as long as we can be busy together in a fun way.

We have plans to breed with her in the future, provided that nature allows it. You can follow this on the page "Litters / Upcoming litters".